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"大吉利是": An illustration of a little kid messing around with 揮春. Growing up, I was a silly kid and I would always say something "unlucky" during Chinese New Year. My mother would send me to the washroom sink to "𦧲口水講過". As I got older, I stopped saying unlucky things all the time, but I also stopped being excited about who can say the most greetings in one breath between my younger sibling and I, because it's part of growing up, I guess.

I am a person who makes art, but am afraid to call myself an artist. I'm an adult who has made plenty of mistakes – when I was growing up, I was guilty of whispering Cantonese when I spoke to my parents on the phone. Learning from mistakes shapes who I am & what I do. I hope you are doing well -- stay hydrated, friends :) Thank you

ig @error5am

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