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a duet response to Time


words by Claudia Yang / illustrations by Wandy Cheng

你今日點呀 ?

remembering time is infinitely timeless:

a trajectory of ancestral 

oracles, awaiting to

be unshelled nesting dolls. as                                     
i sling my body over restless tides to

find raindrops trembling beneath

my skin. coming

& going

how strange

our lines have crossed

many earthly burrows,

heavy kiln, worldwide heartbreak. 

spiralling methodically twist sweet clementine,

unfurl into a spherical dress, to

know bitter rind sleets

onto my mother

tongue. may we collect

our fallen transfigured bodies to new prayers.

but i will always find bellies laughter

in ruptured bruises of

departing hope.

as stardust shimmers

with words they don’t have, i am

speaking in sound and tinkering strings;

lift head up towards the

acuteness of the


its buoys hung low to

fish familiarity in warm

broth over imploding onomatopoeia,

to say if tomorrow was setting,

at least we had

a brief interlude of Time,

a sun-danced moment.

順其自然 .

Claudia Yang (楊彥藍) is a poet, performer + student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, currently rooted in Tkarón:to/Toronto. She processes Life Cycles through reconnecting with lineage and storytelling through reverence. Their published works can be found in Red Pocket Press, petrichor, Bitter Melon Poetry, Scum Mag, and more. Stories on @bonesettergrandchild

Wandy Cheng (鄭婉婷) is a Hong Kong- born illustrator and artist working and exhibiting in Toronto, Canada. She explores concepts of juxtaposition through contrasting textures and repeated patterns, both on paper and with clay.


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